About Us

At Secure System Technologies we provide a wide range of IT services from A to Z. Whether you need Windows reinstalled or a cracked laptop screen replaced we can help! With More than 30 years experience in the field there are few problems we haven’t seen.

I’ve spent the bulk of my life working on computers in one form or the other. I started my education about computers when I was a child and have continued to learn and further my education my whole life. I’ve worked doing everything from computer repair to programming and networking. With information technology things are ever evolving which requires a good technician to continuously update their education.

I chose to get out of the business for the last 5 years to work outdoors more. However I’ve decided to get back to work working on my passion… computers!

I operate from my home, this allows me to save on overhead expenses and pass the savings on to you! Because of this I do ask that you contact us first before coming by.

We Support our Military, Police and Fire Department personnel. Show us your ID for a 10% Labor Discount.