Computer Repair
This covers computer repair, console repair, electronics repair, and remote support

  • Level One Labor $55 p/h HH
  • Level Two Labor $65 p/h HH
  • Rush Labor $75 p/h FH

HH = Billed by half hour 1-29 min = half hour charge 30-60 = full hour charge
FH = Billed by full hour 1-60 = full hour charge

Level One covers the majority of all computer repairs we do. Level Two covers extreme cases where extensive testing is required with specialized hardware and software. Rush labor is your ticket to the front of the line. 

Rush Labor Example:

We have 10 computers to work on at level one with an estimated time of servicing your device is a week or more away and your work laptop just crashed and you have a project on it you need ASAP. You can opt for rush labor which puts your repair at the front of the line ahead of all level one and two repairs but behind any other rush repairs. 
Please Note: If we are not busy and can get to your device right away we will not allow you to opt for rush labor because there is no need for it.