Security Tip #1

On social media sites you will often see posts like “post or comment your birthday to find out…” in many cases this post may not be nefarious. However the people that read it could use the information for nefarious reasons. You comment your birthday (01/01/1999), or favorite color (blue), mothers maiden name (Johnson), place of birth (Detroit), or other personal things that seem benign. Now think for a moment… Have you ever had to reset a password and it asked you secret questions like mothers maiden name, birthday, favor color, favorite anything, place of birth, etc.. Knowing your real name you’ve posted on social media and finding your email address and the comments as stated above on a post a mildly tech savvy person can now reset passwords to almost any account of yours they can find online. And finding them is easy! Bank, social media, email the sky is the limit here. It doesn’t matter that your best friend for the last 50 years posted the question, what matters is who might read the answers. Keep personal information personal it maybe the difference between having a retirement fund or being homeless. Identity theft is so simple to perform that children do it.