Tech Tip #3

Never set any of your passwords the same. I know its a pain to remember so many different passwords but you will be glad you did. Your device doesn’t have to get hacked for your password to be exposed to hackers. Here is a good example: You sign up for a new account on a well known website, you give them your email address, all required information and a password. Now it could be a day, week, month or ever years later when the website discovers they had a security breach and customer information was exposed. Now the hacker has your email address and password for that site so if you have the same or a similar password for your email login they then have access to your email account and from there they can continue to follow it to your other accounts eventually gaining access to credit cards, banking, and other sensitive information. The best passwords are a combination of letters both capital and lower case, numbers, and symbols and a minimum of 8 characters. IE: %%B@c0iN* Yes its difficult to remember but its much less likely to be guessed or cracked with a dictionary password attack. Some sites will not allow you to use symbols so to increase security do the same thing but without symbols and make it twice as long. Try to avoid common words, phrases, dates, names, phone numbers, and the like as this can make your password easier and easier to guess depending on home much information the hacker knows about you.